Music in Transit – JRNL 41 Photo Essay

Grand Central Station wasn’t left without a subway performer over the weekend as Gimagua, a brother duo, brought their flamenco guitars to the Times Square shuttle line.


The ACE subway stop in Penn Station was full of music courtesy of Guitar Ron on Friday. “Have a good weekend, New York!” he yelled as commuters ran to catch the subway.


At one end of Penn Station’s main hallway near the 123 subway, violinist Susan Keser serenaded riders of the Long Island Rail Road. “You’ll know this if you like ‘Game of Thrones,’” she said before launching into the theme song.


The popularity of Susan Keser is evident as a woman drops a dollar in her container near the 123 subway entrance in Penn Station.


A member of the MTA Music Under New York band Raicesgroup alternates between different types of wooden flutes at the 40th Street and 8th Avenue subway station near Times Square.


One of the brothers in Gimagua’s hand flies across his guitar during a subway performance on Friday afternoon.


“You have to pay to go to the Met,” a dancing bystander said while flamenco guitarists Gimagua performed in Grand Central Station. “These guys are free!”

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