JRNL 10 Business Plan – STEPPING OFF

  • Company Focus:

Stepping Off will be a marching band focused website that will cover performances and updates of high school marching bands nationally.

  • Target Demographic:

The target audience will be students who are currently in marching band, who have participated in the past, music teachers and instructors who are interested in what other bands are doing, and anyone generally interested in the marching band world. Students currently participating in marching band can follow other bands to be inspired to make theirs better and band members of the past can follow their band after they have graduated and moved on. Directors and instructors will be interested because seeing what other bands are doing will give them ideas to bring to their own ensemble and will allow them to keep up with trends, new music, and new shows. Anyone who is interested in marching band in general will also find this interesting to read.

  • Executing Coverage:

See as many marching band shows at different schools as possible, and highlight as many different types of musicians as possible. Students and directors will be able to contribute to the site, as well as anyone who has photos, videos, or audio of marching bands that they feel should be shared. Content will also be gathered from other sources and shared on the website. For it to be a national site, the country will be broken into regions and readers will be able to narrow content down to their area of interest so they are not searching through every band in the country to find the one they want to read about.

  • Types of Multimedia:

Written stories and updates will be featured. A big part of the site will be photos and videos. Marching band is very visual, so the point is to see what is happening on the field as it is being heard. There will be a section of the website that will focus only on videos, including full performances and practice videos from different bands. Choreography and visual ideas can be found here as well. The same concept will be available for photos. Audio recordings will be included as well, to give website visitors the option to focus on only the musical aspect if they choose to.

  • Staffing the Company:

The country will be broken up into six regions: New England, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Southeast, Mountain West, and West Coast. Employees will be assigned to a region where they will cover bands and events in that area. Three or four people will be working in each region at first, and then as the site grows they will be shifted around to best cover the amount of content coming from a specific region. Contributors to the website (students, teachers, etc.) can work with the regional employees if they want to in creating content and suggesting stories. There will also be national employees, who will basically do the same things, but will cover bigger bands and events. They will also be in charge of running the website, in an editor-like position.

  • Types of Content:
  1. Focus on a band that is doing something new or different, could be a photo and video project.
  2. Profile story on a student or director/teacher who stands out.
  3. Cover a competition: Take photos, videos, and write shorter stories about multiple bands that competed and compare scores and results.
  4. Whatโ€™s New: find new music to share on the site to give bands new ideas about what they could possibly do in the future โ€“ audio could be incorporated.
  5. Compare and Contrast Story: Find two bands that are playing the same music. They most likely have very different shows, so find things that are similar and different about what each of them is bringing to the field
photo (3)
Bloomfield High School Marching Band – Bloomfield, NJ

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